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A black comedy about white trash!  Nominated for over thirty awards during its long run in Los Angeles, Sordid Lives puts a comedic twist on a story of unconditional love, acceptance and "coming out" in a Texas family.  This clever, campy and often raunchy tale is based on Mr. Shores’ experiences growing up gay in conservative, rural Texas. The star of the show, Peggy, is actually dead. Sissy, Peggy’s sister, is afraid that all the family skeletons will come flying out of the closet all at once as they gather to mourn the family’s matriarch. She plays mediator between Peggy’s daughters, the conservative Latrelle and the more liberal LaVonda, as well as trying to comfort her neighbors, Noleta and husband, G.W., who is the one that killed Peggy – under extremely humiliating circumstances, no less. And then there is Brother Boy, whose hero is Tammy Wynette.  The characters of Sordid Lives aren’t afraid of doing things that are off-limits in a family show – having affairs, cross-dressing and stripping to their skivvies. But neither do they shy away from serious themes such as bigotry, guilt, homosexuality, forgiveness and acceptance.  Their lives intertwine, giving each a new perspective, honesty, and meaning.

Directed by Beth Kattelman; Scenic Designer: Shane Cinal; Costume Designer: Jason Guthrie; Production Stage Manager: Zach Bailey.  Cast: Pam Welsh-Huggins as Bitsy Mae Harlin, Vicky Welsh Bragg as Juanita, Andrew Trimmer as Ty Williamson, Betsy Poling as Sissy Hicke, Kathy Sturm as Noleta Nethercott, Lori Cannon as Latrelle Williamson, Danielle Mari as La Vonda Dupree, Ralph Scott as G.W. Netercott, David Vargo as Wardell Owens, Jeb Bigalow as Odell Owens, Ruth Sternberg as Dr. Eve Bolinger and Mark Phillips Schwamberger as Brother Boy.

Mr. Del Shores

will be holding a talk-back session immediately following
 the Saturday September 19th performance of Sordid Lives 


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